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One Thousand a Month

Stick to what you know and be consistent

Sunday, July 15, 2007

What do I know best and if I'm going to be writing almost every day what topic do I want that to be on?

I enjoy reading about SEO and all things Internet but I was rarely inspired to write on the subject and I lack enough knowledge to write about it regularly so I pulled the plug on my Internet Marketing blog. I do enjoy my main business of book selling and decided to start a blog on how to improve as a book seller. I'm not going to market it until I'm happy with the level of content but if you want a sneak peak it's Bookshop Blog. I suspect that in a few months it will help propel this project.

So to update where I'm at...

2 websites: Zeebabooks.com and Golfbooks.ca
4 blogs: Habs & Hab-Nauts, Zeebaville, Bookshop Blog and this one
That should give me enough of a presence without sucking up all of my time, good balance hopefully.

I am on track to easily surpass last month's total of $3.95, all with AdSense so far. Consistent though probably not dramatic growth is the target, sorry this is not a get rich quick scheme.

Comment on and read a lot of other blogs daily. Post at least twice a day (remember that's on 4 blogs not one, if I had only one it would be perhaps once a day).

Installed Text Link Ads on the zeebabooks site, still waiting on first link to come through. I have begun adding a reference library section to Bookshop Blog using Amazon Affiliates (with a 4% commision).

* Are you working on anything similar, if so let's hear about it. I can post your update here with a link back to your site.


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Spankin' new blog on a new domain coming in a few days.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Firstly if you're considering monetizing you blog you owe it to yourself to check out Yaro's video on exactly how he monetizes his very successful blog. Keep in mind though that he's able to gain these advertising dollars due to nice traffic flow. He gets a nice traffic flow due to great content.

Now about my own little project. I'm trying out Text Link Ads on my bookselling site as it is the busiest right now. I'll keep you informed on that. After seeing so many great blogs I've noticed all of the top ones are self-hosted, meaning not on blogspot or wordpress.com. I plan on following them later this week. I'll be creating a new domain, getting a hosting package - probably from Blue Hosting and starting a new blog from scratch. I've decided to stick with what I know best and that is selling books online. It will be a resource packed, eventually information packed site for anybody aspiring to sell books online. I think we will be seeing a dramatic increase in online sellers in the near future as the entry points are so easy. At the same time I will delete my little SEO/Marketing blog for the simple reason that I'm unable to supply enough meaningful content. There are many folks much more expert than I blogging on this topic already.

I'm also getting in the habit of commenting. It's a nice way of involving yourself in the community.

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Is there a point to this blog?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Am I creating this blog just for it's own sake and not really adding anything useful to the blogosphere?

Kind of. This blog is just a running scorecard and reference point explaining all of the steps I'm incorporating on my other (hopefully productive) blogs from a monetizing point of view. My other blogs are about content and in a way so is this one. It will include some productive moves I' make as well as some mistakes that you may want to avoid.


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Want to Learn about something, read read read

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Next order of Business - Cram my head.

Actually this started even before this blog went live. I suppose there are two main ways to become adept at any particular topic. You can try something, fail, learn, adapt a bit, work, try again, fail some more, adapt some more, fail some more, work harder, fail again....or you can read like a maniac and follow the same path but with one or two less failures. Each mistake can really knock you back. Read all you can on whatever topic you love then blog away (if that's your thing).

On the topic at hand, can I make some cash blogging, Here's a nice article on how a blog made 40K per year.


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Traffic Generation: Stumble Upon

Next Step, Make sure the Stumble Upon community knows about my existence. Stumble Upon is a different way to surf the web, the equivalent of channel surfing. Some sites have reported a nice increase in traffic once SU gives your site a few positive reviews. First step though is get into their database. I downloaded the SU toolbar, headed over to this site and gave a nice thumbs up. I'll let you know over time what kind of traffic comes via them.

Starting to get a few visitors from comments left of Dosh Dosh.

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Text Link Ads affiliate

Just spent 2 minutes to become a Text Link Ads Affiliate.

Quite surprised at how fast and easy that was. Just filled in the form, went to my email to confirm, copy and paste the Graphic ad. Easy as pie. If you'd like to learn more about them...guess what I'm about to say...of course --> just click on the box over on the side.

I'm guessing that if I am to create some nice revenue I will need more than just AdSense.

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Initial Steps - starting from scratch

Here's what I've done so far.

I've had a blog going for a while but it was just some ramblings about happenings in my bookshop, not monetized and used rather infrequently. I have since created 3 more blogs, Content Monkey Habs and Hab-Nauts about the Montreal Canadiens and this one. I have added Adsense to them all and I've found some templates I like to give each a unique flavor. Now comes filling the content and making the blogs useful. This part will surely be the toughest and I assume most responsible for performance. I also plan on visiting related blogs and mentioning in comments what I'm up to. I also hope to be able to add Text Link affiliate buttons but I'm not sure what their requirements are.

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